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Wellsite Services has built a reputation for exceeding our customers’ expectations with the reliability and specialized expertise of our wellsite supervisors to get the job done right, right when you need it. As an oil and gas services company that aspires to be better environmental stewards, we invest in strong environmental, health and safety (EHS) management in all phases of wellsite project activities.

We strive to do business with innovation and efficiency to maximize output and maintain transparency for our customers. We know our customers place a great deal of trust in us, particularly when it comes to executing complex problems that require dependable solutions for unique conditions, timelines, and project goals. Our reputation for integrity and excellence is vitally important in securing and retaining this trust. We know you can work with any number of wellsite supervision services companies, but appreciate your consideration in allowing us to compete for your business.


Workover Rig Supervision

Wellsite Services workover rig supervisors are experienced across an extensive array of workover rigs and auxiliary equipment. Our services include supervising tubing and rod jobs, cleanout, remedial cementing, swabbing, well repairs and plugging and abandonments, and any other need you may have.

Completions Supervision

Our completions supervisors have extensive experience supervising completion and re-completion projects including vertical, directional, and horizontal stimulation, re-entry, and coil tubing.. No matter the system complexity, Wellsite Services approaches each project as a unique challenge and opportunity to maximize efficiency and reduce capital expenditures.

Contract Pumping

Measuring the pressure, production, and flow rates after a well is completed is critical to ensuring smooth production at the wellsite. Our trained and safety certified contract pumpers provide assessment, maintenance, and supervision to maximize output and efficiency without environmental compromise.

Water Pipeline Management

Wellsite Services has been involved in many water pipeline management projects to ensure reliable, optimized delivery of water to completion sites. Through routine inspection and analysis of the pipeline network, we are able to analyze all datasets and variables and communicate that information to our customers to allow them to determine the most efficient and cost-effective plan to maintain the pipelines for optimal performance.

Completions Logistics

At Wellsite Services we approach all drilling and completions projects with the mindset to maximize uptime and reduce operating costs while maintaining an unwavering commitment to EHS. Our supervisors provide equipment dispatch management, coordinating the movement and optimizing the allocation of vital equipment for your operations.

Oil and Gas Sampling

Obtaining a representative, reliable sample of your well is at the heart of optimal oilfield production. Wellsite Services will obtain the sample and deliver to your designated location to ensure source compliance and quality. Our sampling services include pressurized and non-pressurized sampling.

Contract Engineering

From basic production engineering, to writing prognosis for all types of oil and gas activities, to creating customized data solutions.  Our Contract Engineering staff can support your operations in any way necessary.  No matter what discipline of engineering you need we can help source the appropriate candidate.


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